The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

The Road not taken By Robert Frost
The Road not taken By Robert Frost is about a man who had to choose between two roads which diverged (Split) in a yellow wood. The road becomes an extended metaphor for the choices that we have to make in life. The representation and symbolism of the road is every person’s journey through life .The split in the road is the difficult or easy decisions we have to make. The tone of the poem makes us feel related to what the persona is experiencing. The idea that is taken away is that making decisions is a part of being human and that the least popular choice may be the one that is better for us.
The Road not taken uses the technique of an extended metaphor throughout the entire poem. It’s a representation of our life because everything in the poem has symbolism that fits in together to form the extended metaphor. Depending on the person reading the interpretation of the symbolism in the poem will change depending on different aspects of the reader (age and interests). There are many examples that Frost has put into the poem such as the first line of the first Stanza – “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood”. Or the fourth line in the third Stanza – “Yet knowing how way leads onto way”. The first meaning a road which is life and a yellow wood which shows that it was simple until coming to a split which is a decision for a new school or a life choice. The second meaning that life carries on and the word way meaning the decisions that will come beyond that which could be from high school to University or from career choice to promotion.  
The Road not taken by Robert frost creates a good feeling to the Reader. Frost has used the technique of basic relation meaning that he has made us feel related while at the same time making it apply to anyone. The persona is feeling indecisive about the split that is in the road which is the decision in life. The poem makes us feel like the persona and makes the reader relate to a time in their life...