The Problem of Evil

(a). Evil is physical pain, mental suffering and moral wickedness and there are 3 types of evil; Natural, Moral, Combination. Natural evil is where the evil is caused by the surroundings around us (caused by nature). An example of Natural evil could be earthquakes. Moral evil is where the evil caused is by humans. An example of Moral evil could be murder whereby humans cause evil by killing each other. Combination evil is where evil caused by humans has changed nature. An example of this could be global warming.

Evil poses several challenges. There is a theological problem which challenges the nature of God and if God truly exists. There is a philosophical problem which requires the believer to accept conflicting claims. Another challenge is the diverse problem which is that evil comes in many forms that demand different explanations. Finally there is the challenging problem which is that the existence of evil and suffering is an objective reality.

Evil is a problem for Monotheist religions and not others (Monism etc) because monotheist religion don't believe on reincarnation or karma and believe that we just live one life and there is only one God so therefore the problem is why would God want to punish us and spread evil when we are just living our only life.

There are also further problems for believers if God is omnibenevolent (all loving), omnipotent (all powerful), omniscient (all knowing) and Ex-Nihila which is God created the world out of nothing. So if God is omnibelevolent then why does he allow evil to exist is the question non-believers ask and if he loved everyone and everything surely he wouldn't want them to suffer. Also if God is omnipotent which means all powerful then why doesn't God stop evil. If he is the most powerful and could do anything then he could stop evil if wanted to but chooses not to which causes a problem for religious believers. Furthermore God is all knowing so why doesn't God prevent evil from happening because if he...