The Principle Purpose of Kate Richards O’Hare's Writing from Crime and Criminals.

The Principle Purpose of Kate Richards O’Hare’s writing Crime and Criminals.
            Kate Richards O’Hare’s account of her time spent in Jefferson City Penitentiary leaves a revealing and disturbing image in the mind of any reader. The events that are described by her include the mistreatment of inmates, both physically and mentally, the “psychological bias” against the impoverished compared to the upper-class when criminally charged, and the misuse of prisoners as objects for profit. Crime and Criminals serves to pinpoint the corruption of the penal institution, judicial system, and the “under the table” profiteering between manufacturing corporations and the Department of Justice when using the prisoners for dirt-cheap labor.
            Each inmate was asked to complete a job, however if they didn't finish their job they were dealt terrible punishments. The harshest of punishment is described by O’Hare in this passage: “The third time a woman failed to make the ‘task’ she went to the ‘black hole’ or the ‘blind cell’ as it is sometimes called. This cell is built in the solid stone wall; it is without light, heat or ventilation, and is without furniture or toilet facilities” (80). Women are forced to stay in this “black hole” for long periods of time causing physical and mental harm; some even die. She reveals this sad information in her story for the purpose of sympathy toward the mistreatment of prisoners in an effort to inspire laws against such cruelties.
            O’Hare believes there is a bias against the lower-class criminal and favoritism toward the upper-class criminal in the judicial system. She mentions, “It is perfectly logical that when a poor, ill-dressed, uncouth ignorant person is brought before the court charged with a minor crime against a person or property, that those who administer law should do it from their own psychological bias. This human misfit has been proven a failure” (76). She goes on to describe how a well-dressed...