The Poor Stay Poor

The poor stay poor and the rich get richer
  Here in America a countless number of students still wake up and say themselves who they will grow up to be. Many of their parents are still in the pursuit of happiness and are working hard to accomplish the American dream. Others like Clive Crook, in his article Rags to Rags, and Riches to Riches have stopped believing and are pessimistic about the American opportunities. Today the problem isn’t that the American dream is dead but rather the lack of education. Citizens in this country have forgotten that knowledge is America’s key to success. Yes, we all wish for fancy cars, houses, and safe streets but none of this is given for free. Winning the lottery is not the only way out of property. The price we need to pay is through education. It is disturbing that the government has been more concerned in building jails than founding money to our schools. It is very important for the American dream to stay alive therefore California should focus more on educating their citizens than incarcerating them.
As well-known villains that are found guilty are arrested and incarcerated. The government has done an incredible job at being cautious and retaining criminals behind bars. Detaining delinquents is more suitable for the government to keep our streets safe. They’re all placed in a jails, juvenile rehabilitation centers and detention homes. Corresponding organizations make sure to control the behavior of prisoners and maintain them in regions where they don’t give us difficulty. Unfortunately these programs are very expensive and money is being deducted from the educational founds. It is a disappointment that today we are encountering a huge problem in the financial system. Clive crook said that “America stands lower in the ranking of income mobility than most of the other countries..”Sentenced prisoners pay out their misconduct by spending a period of time in county jails. They are locked up among others criminals making them...