The Peter Principle

Angela Wren

ENG101-T/Th 11a.m.

Exemplification Essay: The Peter Principle

The Peter Principle describes an observation that states that anything that works is often used in a more challenging application until it fails.   This simply means that incompetence exists in every level of the workplace.   Employees are promoted to higher positions because he or she has done well in the position that they currently hold.   However, according to this principle, employees often reach their level of incompetence.   Meaning that without proper training, on every level, in which one is promoted, an employee becomes incompetent as to his or her duties.   In every organization there are employees who have reached his or her level of incompetence.   When asked if the Peter Principle exists at Lawson State Community College, one must ask if there appears to be incompetence in various departments within the institution.   After exploring numerous departments with classmates, we concluded that there are levels of incompetence at Lawson State in the following:   the campus Bookstore, the office of Student Services, and the office of Financial Aid Services.
First, before the first day of class, the campus Bookstore should have enough books available for the students who are enrolled.   Someone should be responsible for knowing the quantity of books that are needed and being able to order those books before the fall semester begins.   Another problem with the bookstore is that it is inadequately staffed.   There are long lines at the beginning of every semester, to purchase books or receive student ID’s.   The last thing is that books are too expensive.   In an area where the majority of students are impoverished, they should not have to pay one hundred plus dollars for books.   There needs to be a program in place to offer books that are less expensive.
Next, is the office of Student Services, a department within the institution that helps students with a variety of issues...