The Paper

Base Rewards on Job Performances
By: Kathy Jacobson
Introduction Clause
I will be using an if scenario into a project from a supervisor being judged by fairness from within the group. All workers have been given a task to research a portion of the project and will be given a reward when the task is complete. However, one employee of the group remains inequity contributing nothing to the job at hand. A supervisor looks for certain qualities from all employees and if you posses these attributes like personality traits, needs, satisfication, drives, expectancy and equity. You will highly become a recommended person to rely on. A supervisor’s position is to identify these features any employee may have and to help the employee enhance them for a reward.
Personality Traits
Employees all act in a different manner whether it’ how they dress at the work place and take pride in their appearance. Simple everyday behaviors from the choice of foods or the ability to carry on a decent conversation are key ways for the supervisor to identify if the employee was brought up with good manners and a possible good productive worker. Over the years a unique personality has been developed from these influences moreover, these are assets a company holds value in their employees. The supervisor is able to classify an employee by these behaviors by placing them within the bi five, key personality traits that are exhibited to various degrees by all employees. Supervision Management (2007) dedicated, alternative, organized upbeat people make the workplace a more desirable place.
Needs Satisfaction & Drives
Workers like to be praised for a job well done. Hierarchy is needed to ultimately gain self actualization from work. The needs are met through work from being socially active around other co-workers, respected at work to help build self esteem and confidance. Safety needs are also, a concern having locks on the premises, security camera, and laws to enforce policy. A need...