The Odyssey Explication

In this passage we see a lot of conflict between Odysseus and Achilles, the heroes muse on the differences between the two worlds they now inhabit, and each finds the grass greener on the other side. “… you lord it over the dead in all your power.” (256-552). In that quote Odysseus is telling Achilles how he is having a good time ruling over all the dead.   Also how his world is better than him.   “By god I’d rather slave on earth for another man…” (256-556).   Achilles responded to Odysseus, and basically says that he would rather be alive and be a slave, then be dead and rule over everybody.   “No winning words about death to me, shining Odysseus!” (256-555). Now we see Achilles build anger towards Odysseus, and start to build up a conflict.
Whenever people argue there is usually some exaggeration. In order for one to win the argument someone has to look better or even sound better.   “… there’s not a man in the world more blest than you” (256-548). Odysseus is exaggerating, because he says “… in the world…” First of all Odysseus does not know every human being. Second of all in the Greek mythologies Zeus is considered the most blessed.   “… I’d make my fury and my hands, invincible hands…” (256-571). In that sentences Achilles exaggerates by saying “invincible”.   Achilles is considered a godlike hero, but he isn’t invincible.
Flashbacks are used when a story is being told, and or something is remembered.   “Time was, when you were alive, we Argives honored you as a god.” (256-550). Odysseus remembers this while talking to Achilles and trying to tell him how great of a hero he is.   “… the man I was, comrade in arms to help my father as once I helped our armies, killing the best fighters.” (256-568).   This is a response to Odysseus, because Achilles remembers how he helps the armies, and killing the most skilled enemies.  
Imagery is needed in any piece of literature to describe an event or a thing.   “…Dirt-poor tenant man…” (256-557).   Achilles is describing the...