The Modern China and United States of the Gilded Age

As time goes by, the society of a country gradually changes and develops, according to its population, social equality and the rate of economic growth, etc.   It seems to be impossible to compare two countries in their different developmental stages, such as modern China and America’s Gilded Age.   However, if we pay attention to the politics and economy, it’s easy to find the differences between two countries and even something in common.
    One of the differences between modern China and America’s Gilded Age   is related to the goverments’ attitudes towards the problem of population increase.   During the American Gilded Age, approximately ten million immigrants who came to the USA to seek a better life in which was known as the new immigration.   This led to the rapid growth in population, which had created much pressure to the American society.   However, the American government didn’t put forward any policies to keep the dramatic population increase.   Oppositely, though in modern China the natural growth rate of population continues to increase, the government takes some positive meatures to control the population, which is different from America.   Since 1970s, China has formulated a basic state policy to promote family planning in an all-round way so as to slow down population growth and improve its quality in terms of health and education.   As we can see, though both America and China suffer from the population increase problem, the goverments have taken the totally different attitudes towards it.
    In spite of the differences, the United States and China also show some similarities.   Both of the countries’ economy grow very rapidly in several areas, such as transportation, manufacturing and technology.   At Gilded Age, railroad mileage tripled, while the maqlev train is stepping into the operational phase of the industry in modern China.   In the area of manufacturing, financier J.P Morgan formed the first billion-dollar corporation, the United States Steel....