The Meaning of History

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    True history must weave a factual account of a given civilization from its inception to its demise if no longer in existence. The history of any civilization should be open to little interpretation as to how it begun, what it achieved and should run the gamut of all the civilization’s societal systems without breaking the chain of logic. This should be supported by empirical evidence that establishes the history of a given epoch.

    What Do We Mean by History? History is the evidence that a civilization existed.
    Is History the Search for Truth? There is little room for interpretation regarding a civilization’s existence; the facts, based on archeological finds, provide indisputable evidence of a civilization’s history and provide the most accurate method to determine the truth. A cursory examination of a truth value should reveal a reality devoid of any human emotion, nor the result of a given philosophy. In order to have any validity, it must meet the test of an inexact science standard in the very least. Any change of a conclusionary nature should be the result of more scientific methods derived over a period of time and discovered to be more accurate than the previous method.
    Is our understanding of what we mean by...