The Key Features of Inclusive Teaching and Learning in the Class Are as Follows:

Firstly to assess your class by way of seeing if there are any disabilities, age gaps, cultural differences, any students with obvious signs of abuse, any with mental health issues that have come forward for your attention. Most if not all classes will have a mixture of students with various traits that will cause challenges that have to be addressed with adequate solutions such as: encouraging the older students to encourage and share experiences with the younger students, to show the light ahead that you are both gearing towards and to help within reason if they can, but with caution as the mature student may get it wrong or not quite right, so must always consult the teacher if in doubt of their actions. If there is a cultural difference, the teacher should use images from the said different cultures within their teaching, and use different culture examples in their wording of descriptions and explanations of the subject. and always check and ask if the students are understanding what you are saying, encourage all students to mix in groups and then to be swapping groups throughout the course, thus learning and interacting with all students and their differences. Establish ground rules that everybody understands and can adhere too .teach your class that a variety in the class is a good thing and they should interact with everyone and learn about each other and their abilities and disabilities in life.
Get to know the entry level of all students, you can by way of a questionnaire or to just ask questions to all individuals about the subject you are going to teach and then you can teach the lowest level accordingly, but not to hinder the more advanced, to again encourage them to be of help till all the class are at a similar level. Keep encouraging group swapping and discussions and that all students must take part in the discussions as much as they feel they can.
There may be some students in your class that are passive learners; they may feel left out by their...