The Japanese Education System in Constrast to the American Education System

The Japanese Education System in Contrast to the American Education System

Notes for Question Number One:

    • Similarities:
      + “Children go to elementary school for 6 years …. junior high for 3 years...” p.116
      + both Japanese and American children go to school during similar hours, “8:30-3:00pm”. p.116
      + School is from Monday-Friday, but Japanese children sometimes have school on Saturday.

    • Differences:
      + Only have a two-week vacation before the next “school year” starts.
      + Periods are 50 minutes long.
      + “Japanese students are in school about 240 days, compared to 180 days for most American students.” p.116
      + Academic Japanese curriculum( social studies, mathematics, science, health, art, and physical education.
      + Vocational Japanese curriculum( different text books, less time spent on studying, trains the students for the job they want that does not require college.
      + Students stay in one classroom all day.
      + “Japanese students take very difficult entrance exams to get into high school and college.” p.7a
      + Students attend juku, or cram schools which you may go to everyday for 3 hours to study for entrance exams.
      + “Some Japanese youths dislike the system…produces such stress that a desperate student will commit suicide rather than try and fail.” p.15
      + “February and March when exams are given is sometimes called juken jigoku, or ‘exam hell’.” p.119
      + “Students sometimes attend the same school for elementary, junior high and senior high school.” p.7
      + Students are responsible in the duty of cleaning classrooms, desks, et cetera; thus, there are no janitors in Japanese schools.
      + Teaching techniques are fairly different: the Japanese are more “drills and repetition” learners, rather than the American class participations and discussions.
      + Some Japanese classes involve “picking flowers, catching frogs and insects, raising rabbits, and...