"The House of Usher

“The Fall of the House of Usher”

“The Fall of the House of Usher has features of a gothic tale, a haunted house, a gloomy environment, mysterious illnesses, and hypochondria. The term “House of Usher “ refers   not only to the crumbling   mansion, but also to it’s inhibitors. There are three main characters in this tale. The unknown narrator, Roderick , and Madeline Usher. The Ushers’ were the only two remaining survivors of the long-time honored incestrual   Usher family.

Not much is known about the unknown author, other than he was an old childhood friend that grew up with Roderick ,was a well-educated man, and   apparently had moved many miles away from where he grew up. He traveled by horseback. He was emphathetic, dedicated, and curious. So curious that he traveled miles across the country to see a friend, Roderick, who he doesn’t even remember.

Roderick, also a well-educated man, enjoys reading, painting, and playing his guitar. He remained living in the place where he was born, as well as the house he grew up in. He had a twin sister, more of an identical, than a fraternal. He worried a lot about his sister. He was suffering from hypersensitivity, and hyperethesia; an excessive amount of worriations. It was a case of the inability to distinguish what was real, n what was not.      
Madeline, the twin sister, is the last of the long-lasting Ushers. No other family members exist, because all were born there in that house. She holds the entire fate of the Usher family continuing. She two is ill. Her illnesses is more physical, whereas her brother was mental. She was suffering from a state of paralysis, and fell into death-like trances.

The story begins as the narrator arrives at the home, after receiving word, Roderick needed his company to help him with his troubles. As he approaches the home, on this “dull, dark, and soundless day in autumn, the narrator observes the house as it appeared to absorbed with evil and disease. It was decayed with trees...