The Greatest Prophet in the Bible

( by b mathew )


Luke 15:10 

10 Likewise, I say to you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”
An Award

One day I decided to give out an “academy award” to the greatest prophet in the Bible. Many prophets in the Bible responded to my “award selection”. My selection committee short-listed a few candidates amongst the many who had responded. The short-listed candidates were then invited for a final interview in my office;

    • Abraham came in first. He said he is the greatest prophet of all times which even God Almighty has acknowledged. I asked Mr. Abraham, how many people had he converted in Sodom & Gomorrah and he became speechless. As I showed Mr. Abraham the door out, I once again pointed out to him, had he converted & brought to repentance even 10 people, the 2 great cities would not have been wiped out. Abraham failed miserably for this award.

    • Elijah came in next bragging about his ability to bring down fire from heaven and …..
      I asked him, ‘ if you say you are the greatest prophet then why the hell did you want to commit suicide when Jezebel came after you ?’ He sat speechless & stunned. As I graphed him by the scrub of his neck and pushed him out of my office I said, ‘ Mr. Elijah, is it not because you had admitted to the Lord God that you were the only repented Christian in town while all others were worshipping false gods. And the Lord God had said, in addition to you Elijah, there were only a handful of Christians whom you could count in your 10 fingers in town.’   I said, ‘ Why couldn’t you bring repentance to Ahab & Jezebel’. Elijah became speechless
      Elijah failed miserably for this award, I had to push him out.

    • Moses came in next but had to be sent out because amongst the whole bunch of the Israelites who followed this ‘great prophet’ not one repented soul was found amongst them except for 2 of them. Or otherwise, none would...