The Gospel According to Mark

Log # 6 The Gospel According to Mark
The Gospel of Mark narrates the life of Jesus from his baptism by John the Baptist till ascension
of Jesus. Mark in this text raised up the question whether Jesus Christ is God himself or just a
prophet from God. If you have faith and believe in Jesus and so in God, then the result is your
salvation. Through the first half of the text, Jesus did and worked many wonders and miracles for
people and warned them about things to come in the future. When Jesus was doing his miracles
by forgiving the sinners, people were wondering who could forgive the sins other than God so it
was a clue for them that Jesus is God! Also, many disciples have followed him and were amazed
by how he was able to command evil spirits to leave out people’s bodies, because they knew who
he was. Thus, many of high ranked rules disliked Jesus because they saw him as a potential
threat to their country if the people believed that he is God and they wanted to get rid of him.
Through his teachings, Jesus used to talk with parables to let the people easily understand
his message. Even though, some of them were not able to understand the relation between his
teaching and his parables and they kept asking him to explain them.
Another aspect that Mark had pointed in the text is the ability of Jesus to predict future events.
For example, Jesus knew about his destiny for death and didn’t hide and that what makes his
disciples believe that he is God. Jesus mentioned to his disciples that he will die and resurrect
after three days of his death. In chapters 8, 9, and 10, Jesus had told his disciples that he will be
delivered for death and rise again in three days. He said that he should be sacrificed to save the
world from the sins but they didn’t understand what he meant. Also when Jesus was close to his
death, he predicted that many who followed him will deny him even his closest disciple Peter
who denied him three times. With all...