The Glass Manegerie Drama Essay

Jordan Snelgrove
ENG 102-006
2 November 2015
The Glass Menagerie:
Hidden Similarities between Main Characters

The Glass Manegerie is a play written by Tennessee Williams centered around the troubled relationships between a mother, daughter, and son as they try to move forward from discontentment to a brighter future. Tennessee Williams is a well-known and historical Pulitzer Prize winning playwright. Many qualities of Williams' upbring can be seen in his play The Glass Manegerie. He was born in Mississippi. During his childhood, Williams' family moved from the rural south in Mississippi to the urban setting of St. Louis, Missourri. Williams spoke fondly of his childhood in Mississippi, describing his experience there as pleasant and happy. This contentment was interrupted after his family's move to St. Louis. The nature loving southern boy felt stripped of his freedom and comfort of his environment in the south in comparison to his new life in the city. He also had a strained relationship with his father, who was a salesman and preferred to spend more time working than being a father to his children. After Tennessee Williams went off to college, his father withdrew him from the university after learning that his son's girlfriend was also attending the university. Tennessee's father urged his son to take a job as a shoe salesman. Tennessee took the job but was very discontent and eventually experienced a nervous breakdown because of it. He coped with his discontentment through the studying and writing of poetry. All of these are very evident in the experiences of the character in The Glass Manegerie. Tennessee Williams' own experiences shed more light on the basis of the relationships amongst his characters. The relationship between Tom, Amanda, and Laura is very dynamic. Though on the surface there may only be differences that are evident between them, there are similarities in foundation of the problems that they all face, though their approaches...