The Genius of Photography

The Genius of Photography – Paper Movies

This film had a strong emphasis on the photographers moving away from the usual conventions of the fine arts industry. The photographers instead show how portraiture and landscapes can differ so much between cultures and cities across the world. In all of these locations, the subject matter is not posing and instead is going by their everyday life which can result in some very unusual pictures. Majority of the photographers worked in the streets of busy cities where they become a part of the scenery, where instead they would be taking pictures of situations whether it be of one person simply walking along the road, or involving many people, coming in and out of the scene and making a picture that looks like lots of different separate pictures joined together. Although this would seem so unrealistic, it happens around us all of the time, but we just do not notice it. Like Garry Winnogrand said:
“It gives you an excuse to be in the world”
As you gain a different perspective on the world from other people because you want to capture the most accurate representation of the current situation, rather than just living through it. This film includes many fascinating artists: one named Robert Frank made a 9 month long project to fill a book, much like a journal where he photographed what happened on the everyday streets of America. It had two main aims; to inform the rest of the world of the American culture, and how updated it is in comparison to other countries, and the second was to show how even in one country the difference in the lifestyle can be so big,   even within a few miles of one another. During the latter of the 20th Century, photographers really began to explore the different elements it takes to both take the picture, and accomplish the desired representation of the surroundings.
In addition, the second half of the video focused on the way that colour changed photography for the world as not only did it add more...