The Future of English Is Guaranteed

Academic Writing | | Alexandro Hermoza |
| | Nov. 17th. 2010 |

The Future of English Is Guaranteed
It is said that English is known as the first lingua franca. This is because English is considered as a symbol of globalization, diversification, progress and identity. It is spoken by many people as a native language or as a first or second foreign language. Besides, it has become a necessity to learn English to deal with many everyday issues, so teaching English has become a good business. Many people say that Mandarin Chinese will soon replace English as a global language. However, I believe that the future status of English as the global language is guaranteed.
The opponents to English as a globalized language say that Mandarin Chinese will overcome English in China because all their businesses are having international deals with the most important countries in the world. However, English is also spoken all over the world, so it is really difficult that Chinese could take English’s place as a global language. It is true that China’s economy has been improving for the last decades, but from the whole number of 1133 million of speakers less than 100 million speak Chinese out of China or as a second language. In contrast to Chinese, English is spoken by more than a billion all over the world. This is a considerable advantage over any other language. In addition, the world’s best economies besides China are from USA, Russia, Germany, Canada and the rest of the European Union. They still keep communicating with other countries in English, so it will continue to be the global language in businesses for many years.
The opposing side also states that English is a complicated language to learn. They say that its grammar is difficult and the pronunciation is complicated, especially since the written words are pronounced in a different way. However, there are many languages that are more difficult to learn. For example, Chinese and many European languages have...