The Fast Growing Market of Sand Washing Machine

Mobile sand washer is not limited to a fixed place , according to the sand plant , sand washing back and forth movement , eliminating the hassle of installation greatly reduces the cost of installation and maintenance. Sand washing machine is sand production line equipment , the general large-scale mining will choose high performance, good stability, good sand mobile sand washer. Hongxing produces mobile sand washer features: high clean , reasonable structure , large capacity, small power consumption , sand washing process less loss of sand and other characteristics, especially its transmission parts are water and sand isolated, so the failure rate is much lower than the commonly used sand washing machine , sand washing is the best choice for upgrading the industry.
The sand washing plant now on the market there are many , if not very familiar with this , it is difficult to make the right choice. To facilitate your choice , Hongxing as a sand washing plant manufacturers. Zhengzhou Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd., is engaged in the production and sale of sand washing machine, the wheel bucket sand washer, spiral sand washing machine, sand washer, drum, crushed stone production line, sand production line, sand making production line, construction waste disposal, such as a full set of sand making production line equipment as one of professional manufacturers. The company insists absorb foreign advanced technology, combined with domestic research and design institutions and many years of technical practice, experience, joint research to develop new energy efficient sand making production line configuration.

Details about the various common sand washing plant. Sand washing machine from the structure can be divided into spiral sand washer , bucket wheel sand washer and chain bucket sand washer , from a functional up points can also be divided into three, namely docking sand washer , washing one screening sand washer and broken sand washing machine . According to the...