The Egypt Game

Zachary Thomas
The Egypt Game 2-10-11

The book I read was The Egypt Game. This book is about a group of children who create a unique game called “The Egypt Game”.   This book started off introducing a character name the Professor. He is an antique shop keeper in a small town. All the children in the town stay away from the Professor because his silence scares them.   He never talks to any of them.
April Hall is from Hollywood, California, and just moved into town to live with her grandmother.   She is a stuck-up and self-centered person, who wears too much makeup, but she’s also lonely.   April’s mom, Dorothea is an actress and she wants to be just like her.   April meets some friends, whose names are Melanie and Marshall.   Melanie is around April’s age, and Marshall is four.
One thing that April has is a great imagination and she and Melanie have no problems finding things to do.   They love to meet at the library and play with paper dolls.   But while they are playing at the library, they find a book about Egypt and they love it!   They end up reading every book in the library about Egypt.
One day as they were walking home from the library, Melanie noticed a loose board in the fence near their apartment building.   April, Melanie and Marshall all go through the fence and discover an old abandoned shed.   Inside, were many Egyptian relics, including a head sculpture of Nefertiti.   They decide to clean up the shed and make it their hangout.   They decorate it with more Egyptian things.   April believes that the statue of Nefertiti is an omen.   They also created a sculpture of Set, the enemy of Isis and Osiris.
Playing in the shed becomes a lot of fun.   The children make up stories about Ancient Egypt and pretend that Marshall is a Pharaoh and Melanie and April take turns being a High Priestess of Set.   They pretend to rescue Marshall when he is offered as a human sacrifice on the crocodile altar.   They actually have ceremonies every time they go to “Egypt”....