The Effects of Psoriasis

The Physical and Social Effects of Having Psoriasis
Cecilia Hubert
Psychology 200 Summer 2011
Professor Debra Jenkins

Living with Psoriasis can be both physically and mentally challenging
This research will explore the everyday challenges that a person who lives with having psoriasis may have to endure on a daily basis. It is my intent to educate the reader about how difficult some of the side effects can be to live with, both mentally and physically.
Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease that can have a major   impact on quality of life and can be mentally and physically debilitating. Society needs to know the importance of how difficult it can be for a person to live with psoriasis. There is a large misconception that psoriasis is not that bad because it is a skin disease. It is not often taken seriously because it is not life threatening (Wolkenstein 2006).
Although psoriasis is not contagious, uneducated people tend to avoid any physical contact with people having the disease because they believe that they will contract the disease. This can be extremely hard on adolescents that develop the disease early in life.
Psoriasis in some cases, can also lead to the person getting arthritis in their joints.
Juvenile psoriasis was also associated with increased rates of hyperlipidaemia, obesity, hypertension, diabetes mellitus rheumatoid arthritis, and Chron disease(Augustin,Glaeske,Radtke,Christophers,Reich&Schafer 2010).
Problem Statement
It is important to understand what a person who lives with having psoriasis has to endure on a daily basis. It is especially difficult for a young person who is diagnosed anytime before adulthood. The mental aspect of having this disease can by far out weigh the physical effects. This can lead to low self esteem as well as impact on self image. The physical effects can lead to uncontrollable itching and bleeding when the skin continues to break open. Psoriasis is one of the worst skin diseases that a...