The Diva

Part 1 - The Diva
What evidence supports the reputations of Madonna and Maria Callas as divas? How might these reputations be compared and contrasted? Please support your answer by referring to their musical performances, as provided in the module materials.
The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast the reputations of divas attributed by Madonna and Maria Callas. In order to assess the qualities that might constitute a diva reputation in both singers, I will supply evidence from reading resources.
Maria Callas is known to us as the ultimate diva and one of the most influential opera singers of the 20th century. Callas is a diva because she was a magnificent singer with a very wide range, from an F-sharp to E-natural her vocals being in the high soprano “she can sing anything written for the female voice” (Stassinopoulos, Ariana (1981). It is clear she had the essential formula of a diva, a great singing voice that is instantly recognizable.“What Callas has [...] is an extraordinary powerful and sensitive way of acting the words as she sings them” (Book 1 Repetations, p. 178.). Callas’ possessed stage presence her ability to perform allowed her voice to be the story of her roles she played often with dark messages. “The stereotypical diva in the classical music world is someone of supreme talent, with great vocal facility and an ability to convey the emotional nuances of the music to her audience” (Moohan E, 2008, P. 163).
Madonna is the biggest selling female pop star of our time known worldwide as the Queen of pop. Madonna has a reputation not just solely for being a singer but also as a business woman, fashion designer, author, director and a mother. Furthermore, she possesses diva qualities because Madonna is more than a name its a trademark, with countless endorsement and cemented position in the music industry. Madonna found mainstream success singing commercial pop songs with catchy beats and controversial lyrics. Unlike Callas, Madonna does...