The Crow

In the beginning, Mr Robert Wesley was just an average man albeit he was cruel, narcissistic and believed he was above everyone else but led a rather dull mundane life until the day came where he was given the opportunity to rise to the glorious level of supreme power. This all came about because of him starting a new job as an overseer at a rather suspicious pharmaceutical company called Harzart.

Harzart was run by Jack Karden a sly man with a thirst for money that was never quite satisfied. His company was developing a deadly virus for warfare purposes which Karden intended on selling to a terrorist group. To test the virus illegal experiments were carried out on homeless people whom they had abducted off the street with no regard to basic human rights. This went on for years. During a particularly cruel testing, which took place when the virus was in its final stages of completion, Karden had a marvellous idea. Instead of selling his virus he decided to use it against his fellow countrymen in order to obtain total control of Pallistasia. Karden however was too smart to use himself; he wanted a figurehead who he could control and make sure if anything went wrong he himself wouldn’t take the fall. This led Karden right to Robert Wesley, he was the cruellest and most efficient overseer that Karden had ever employed; perfect for the role of a harsh dictator.
After many more months of inhumane testing finally they were ready to usurp the government of Pallistasia and rein with an iron fist!
Harzart dispatch teams were sent to every water source all over the nation to contaminate them with the deadly virus. Meanwhile a team of hackers employed by Harzart fed a fake broadcast through every news channel declaring that a worldwide epidemic was sweeping towards them, they also successful severed all international communications so that it wasn’t possible for the people to learn the truth.

Within days thousands of people became affected by the Harzart virus and...