The Casting Process of the Shells of Jaw Crushers

Jaw Crushers belong to the earliest crushing equipment. As a kind of heavy machine, jaw crushers often vibrate in the production process, steel plant slag fly ash project and the impact force of a jaw crusher is great. Therefore, a reliable and steady machine body is very significant for a jaw crusher. Previously, the shell of a jaw crusher used to be cast as a whole. But the casting processes of manufacturers are very different. Some casting processes are not mature or considerate. For example, some shells made by the immature casting process are not qualified, and there are many sand holes inside the shells, which will have a bad influence on the quality and safety of the jaw crusher in the future production. Nowadays, we adopt the steel plate welding process, which can make the whole machine body more reliable. After the weld process, we add the quenching process and the machine vibration process, vertical milling for sale which can guarantee the stability of the whole machine body and the firmness of the welding joints.
Recently, the shells applied to the domestic crushing equipment are made by casting steel integrally or by standard cutting welding. We often pay much attention to the capacity, the specifications, and the service life of a jaw crusher. We hardly ever focus on the shell of a jaw crusher and the welding process of it. Few people know that the welding process of the shell has a great influence on the service life of a jaw crusher. With the deepening of the economical concept and the improvement of the design and the production processes, the jaw crushers with welded frames are promising. If some parts of the welded frame are broken down, instead of replacing the whole jaw crusher, mobile rock crusher the broken parts can be replaced with the same parts. Hence, in order to construct the economical society, the duty and concept of us are the important motive force of development.

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