The Casket

Johnny looked out of the window and his face turned deadly pale as he saw a casket in front of his door. His mind pondered with dozens of questions as he walked to the main door. An eerie of silence filled the living room. Nothing much to be heard in his mansion except a jazz music played on the radio and his footsteps. He opened the door partially, just enough for him to peek outside. It was written on the casket that it was for him. It was a 6-foot length casket with gold embossed on the edges.
He quickly shut the door but his body was too shocked to move. He bulked up his courage and made his first step to the living room, and then dashed to his bedroom located on the east of the house. He was trembled with fear and he immediately dialled his friend Randy. It was a heart breaking as the line was engaged. After a let down, he tried to call his other buddies.
That night, as he was sitting on his favourite red sofa, his eyes were caught on a brilliant streak of white across the sky.
“Perhaps it is a shooting star”, he mumbled as he drinks a cup of chamomile tea.
The sun rises from the east quite early the next morning. By then, he was all ready to go to work. His vineyard was only about a 20 minutes walk from home. This time, he used the back door of the house, just to make sure that his day would not be spoilt by the casket. He took a shortcut to his vineyard by bypassing the town’s cemetery. As he walked passed the cemetery, he stumbled a man, who was placing a bouquet of pink and sweet scent carnation to a tombstone. Johnny quickly helps the man up to his feet and apologised.
“It’s okay. Hi, my name is Richard. What are you doing here anyway?” asked the man with curiosity.
Johnny did not answer Richard as he does not want Richard to think that he was insane as if he lose his sanity. Johnny surprised as he discovered that Richard worked at his vineyard for the past two years. Both of them walked together to the vineyard and Johnny mind filled...