The Beast Lord of the Flies.

The Beast

Many books have used the art of symbols to express certain feelings and emotions in discreet ways to represent and explain another procedure or purpose from the story. What is symbolism? "The practice of representing things by means of symbols or of attributing symbolic meanings or significance to objects, events, or relationships" ( In the book Lord of The Flies by William Golding the beast starts as a symbol of fear, it later becomes a representation of man’s true nature, the evil inside people, and their capacity to commit acts of violence and savagery.

In Lord of The Flies by William Golding the extreme unusual situation on the island leads the boys to fear and terror of the beast.   The beast is introduced by Piggy who mentions the words of a littlun, ‘‘He says he saw the beastie, the snake thing, and will it come back tonight...he says in the morning it turned them into things like ropes in the trees and hung in the branches.’’ (golding 36). The first idea of the beast was first introduced to the novel by the littluns ones as an illustration of their fear. The littluns are certainly scared but, they had no way to manifest their fear, and this is the reason why their subconsciously created the “beast”. Another thing the kids mention in the book, “‘What would a beast eat?" "Pig.’ ‘We eat pig.’ ‘Piggy!”’ The boys are still fearful of the beastie roaming the island.’’’ (Golding 83). In this quote the kids show how afraid they still are from the beast by worrying about what the beast eats.   These quotes clearly show how the kids are terrified of the beast roaming the island even though they know it is only in their imagination.

Later on in the book the beast becomes the representation of man’s true nature and violent and savage conducts. In chapter four Jack finally manages to kill a pig “kill the pig. Cut her throat’’’ (Golding 75). These words used to describe the violent and savage death of the pig describe the kids true...