The American Empire

Mobeen Ludin
March 4, 2010
MGMT- 322

EvalSim – A Performance Evaluation Exercise
Response to emails

Item 1:-
To: Tom Morrison, Accounting Department
From: HR Department
Subject: 90-Day Employee Evaluation

Mr. Morrison, the evaluation process is based on the employee’s absolute current and/or past performance standards. The evaluation process is not based on the younger employees compared to the older ones or who has more experience and who has less. However, the performance evaluation evaluates how well you are doing your job, your effectiveness, quality, and performance and whether they meet the company’s goals or not. Therefore, this is a misunderstanding that your boss has evaluated you lower because you don’t have experience or you are younger than the other employees. Your boss must have informed you of the performance appraisal evaluation criteria during the appraisal interview or in advance.
      I recommend you personally speak to your boss and clear the misunderstanding. Making progress on the job and performing the task is good. However, the employees should also keep in mind the other required criteria such as attitude, group work, appearance and many others that hugely affect employee’s performance evaluation. I also strongly recommend by talking to your boss find out what you are doing right so you can continue with those activities and find out what changes you need to make in order to be highly evaluated next time.

Item 2:-
To: Paul Lands, Computer Center
From: HR Department
Subject: Performance Evaluation

Your concerns are understandable, but claiming the whole system unfair is not appropriate. You should keep in mind that every supervisor is different from one another. Everyone has their own style and way of evaluating employees. Some supervisors are strict and some are lenient, and they evaluate accordingly. Therefore, unfortunately there is nothing much can be done about that.
      However, I strongly recommend...