The Affects of Advertising

The Persuaders makes a great point of view to show how advertising goes far out of its way to grab the appeal of the everyday consumer. Busses, walls, even subway the average American is bombarded with advertisement. Even if the typical consumer wants to believe that they can’t fall into advertising clever ways to grab the appeal, how can they when advertising or products fill in the gaps that most Americans don’t have. They can’t.
Advertising does many things to grab the viewer’s appeal. So much that they spend so much money analyzing the average American woman. How she feels when she eats the bread, is loneliness, happiness or pure ecstasy they help to fix or enhance that feeling.   Then they micromanage how it is broadcasted with almost astonishing results. Most Americans don’t even know how much they feed into their plays and acts. “Pink makes me looks good and makes me happy” would be the stereotyping analysis of the average girl, so by playing on this the companies make their drink have a pink logo with bright white curvy lettering to increase the lack of adolescent girls buyers. Thus feeding their wanting to be “cool.”
Teenagers especially fall into the lies of companies when it comes to buying products. For example, if it the adolescent boy wears khakis to school and that is the new fad then their commercial should have a khaki wearing male eating their cereal to draw the appeal of the cereal. First of all the attention has nothing to do with the cereal, it is the boy behind the cereal. “He is handsome, he wears khakis and is wearing what appears to be a designer shirt thus if I want to be cool I have to eat this cereal,” is exactly how the cereal company wants the cereal to be seen. Of course the “cool hunting” is a vicious paradox for the manufacturing company all together, because once they have gotten the cool out in the world every one does it, thus not making it cool or special anymore. In result, the companies have to try to reach a whole new...