The 4 Vedas

Today, the image of the woman or the spiritless, weak, timid or object then the object of experience is offered by | the media might have spread, but some communities have the same opinion about the woman | society which is highly has been declining | disregard and disrespect of women today we precocious deaths, fear and suffer unjustly |

origin who is not getting proper respect is the root of |


Based on the Vedas, the woman's innate qualities he-and his courage Ssktsmaj | औraman force of his soul it springs from his own courage, courage is an adventure |

See, the Vedas are saying -

Berne 14. 1. 47 - Woman, you are the cornerstone of society | For your sake we are pleasing immovable boulder | boulder on top of the stand, it would hold you firmly lesson | Warcswini become the boulder suit you and to live happily in the world | so we can find you the sustained pace of your days |

Ayurveda 5.10 - Woman, you recognize yourself | You have lioness | Woman, you ignorance is fragile like a lioness on defects etc., you can purify themselves for the promotion of divine qualities | Woman, you are misdemeanors and Durwysnon is equal to devastate the lion, holding all the divine qualities of interest to you |

Ayurveda 5.12 - Woman thou are lioness, Aditya Brahmacharis raises you, we worship you, | Woman, you have lioness, you will give birth to great men in society, we are thy yashogaan | Woman, If you lioness, is going to give you superior progeny, you are lending money to confirm we have your shout, Woman, thou are lioness, joy and prosperity gives you society, we celebrate Thy | Woman, When you hire us for the benefit of all beings |

Yajur Veda 10.26 - Woman, you have Sukhdenewali, you have strong Sthitiwali, you Cshatr reserves of strength, thou Origin is Sahska | Your place in society is glorious |

Yajur Veda 13.16 - Woman, thou pole, is adamant Niscywali, reinforce the foundation of all we do for you | Vidya you, Lord God, filled with heroic...