Teta 1029 Task 3

Managing and Responding to Behaviours in as Learning Environment      
TETA 1029
Task 3: Future Development

Identify and discuss the future development of your skills in connection with promoting positive learning behaviour (300 words)

In the course of reading for these assignments and the tutorial lessons I have identified a few things that I need to practice and carry out to assist in the future development of my promotion of positive learning behaviour with regards to classroom layouts it seems that there are more than just one layout and in my research it seems that the U shape layout is helpful in promoting positive learning behaviour as the lecturer is visible to all students and them to him so helping to engage them fully and be able to monitor behaviour good and bad.   I also realised that I needed to move about the classroom more and not just stay at the front this makes the students think that I am all seeing and omnipresent so that the students believe that I miss nothing so again promoting positive behaviour.
Another shortfall in my skills that I need to address for the future is to get the lesson to start promptly and avoid any distractions of latecomers and of setting up of displays and computer equipment which will distract the students causing disruption. I will address this by the use of the ‘Four rules of Classroom Management ’ Smith and Laslett (1993) and by planning for disruption especially for the lessons that occur first thing with a short recap test or knowledge check with the learners who have arrived first, before I start the main lesson. This stops the ‘early bird learners’ from getting bored whilst waiting for the class to arrive and then becoming disruptive and also then making it difficult to regain control of the class. I will also use the five specific techniques as demonstrated in the course study guide, Whatmore (2010) will help to make me more assertive in the classroom, helping raise my confidence and so projecting a...