Final Project Unit 10

Kaplan University
Paula Nelson
Introduction to Fraud Examination
CJ 125
John Dauser

Finding fraud in the accounting department, using a bogus company name to steal money from the company. Investigating the accountant for taking money. The bogus name for a fictitious company is called Hercules. The accountant was caught and charged with larceny.

September 13, 2010
Final Project Unit 10
A call from the local company in my small town was placed to the Fraud Investigations where I work as a Fraud Investigator. I was asking to help figure out why there was an increase with the expense records. The records were indicating more expense to the company, but nothing had changed over the period for this to increase. The company had different branches in several different locations in surrounding counties. This particular branch had the only increase over the time period with no changes. Looking at their financial reports and all invoices on record there appears to be a pattern with the customers. Each customer orders the same products from this company, with little changes and increases during the period of time. This company buys product from vendors around a wide spread area to fill their orders. The drivers deliver and pick up product for this company. They return with invoices and D.O.T. records from the truck. Scanners are used with the routes during deliveries, used by the drivers. They scan all products delivering and picking up. The records are air tight with product going out and incoming. Looking at the accountants records, she keeps the invoices in a file cabinet returned from all drivers. The scanners up-load all data into the computer system of product going in and out. The accountant is authorized to pay and sig all companies checks. All checks for the company are cut on Fridays of every week. Looking at the invoices there are checks being paid, but there is no invoices to this one company called Hercules. There are checks...