Telenursing: Is it in My Future?
Darrian Sullivan
Chamberlain College of Nursing
NRSG 361
September 2015

Telenursing: Is it in My Future?

Would you believe that advancement in healthcare has enabled many patients with chronic illnesses to receive quality skilled nursing care within the home setting?   Electronic health records and personal health records are terms that individuals in the nursing field are becoming more accustomed to each day.   In previous years, the mere thought of these terms were frightening resulting in resistance related to acceptance of these soon to be mandatory however beneficial features (Hebdba & Czar, 2013). Currently these terms are not so distant and computer information systems continue to be integrated into healthcare facilities daily.   How about the term, telenursing or electronic healthcare.   Patients with chronic illnesses continue to rise at a fast pace requiring costly healthcare services due to frequent hospitalizations (Kamei, 2013).   One of the objectives for hospital administration and individuals in the medical field is to keep these patients in the home thus managing these conditions via electronic communications technology (National Institutes of Health, 2015).   Telehealth technology is now being introduced to assist physicians, nurses, patients, and other members of the health care team in achieving this goal.
Electronic Health Records
Electronic health records and personal health records are being implemented to achieve improved discipline communication, patient safety, continuity of care, and ultimately improved patient satisfaction (CCON Lesson Week 4, 2015).   These tools have enabled patient to become a part of their health care and has assisted health care staff in achieving the goal of elevated patient quality of care.  
As with any foreign item, these tools where not initially accepted by most seasoned healthcare professional and the initiation of launching information systems was held due to the...