Teh Bead Bar

The Bead Bar Systems Development Plan
BRJ consulting understands our role with the Bead Bar Company Information systems rollout project by proving the Bead Bar with the appropriate hardware, software and professional services to create a seamless desktop environment, windows 2003 network and server environment. BRJ Consulting will closely work the Bead Bar senior management and any additional staff member to accomplish this goal. Below is the project phase summary.

Project Phases Summary:
Phase I – Discovery and Assessment   – Status – Completed
Phase II –Design
Phase III - Implementation – Documentation
Phase IV – Troubleshooting, Technical Support and On -Going Support Services
The purpose of this document is to define a high-level overview of the development activities for the Bead Bar systems implementation project as well as to provide the Bead Bar company with an overview of the appropriate hardware, software, services needed to meet the needs of the company. This project was designed keeping in mind of the size of the company, future potential growth as well as leveraging current stable technologies and industry practices.
During Phase I of this project BRJ along with the Bead Bar staff had establish a high-level view of the intended needs, requirements and goals for this project. The following section will provide a general overview of the information that the team provided and collected during Phase I of the discovery and assessment phase.
1. Number of Employees
a. Approximately 15 full - time employees – the full-time employees will have need to have access to the computer systems on a regular basis
b. Approximately 20 part-time employees – the 20 part-time employees will need limited access to the computer systems because their main job function is providing customer service and cash register support in the studios.
2. Current Desktop, Laptop and Server Environment – We determined that currently the Bead Bar...