Teens Shouldnt Be Allowed to Drive

Driver's licenses should not be issued to anyone younger than 18.
My reason for such a decision, is that our generation is getting older and older. It is evident that we as parents are going to need our children in every aspect. I wasn’t thinking of myself, I simply felt it was better if a child was able to drive. This would be a tremendous help to a family in many instances, such as: if the child needed to, assist in the care of the elderly, or rush a family member to the hospital. Since you can never tell what situation may arise, as much education as one can attain about a situation, should be granted.
Although, the topic says it should not be issued to anyone younger than 18, I feel strongly that it should. Children are smarter and wiser than we were. When I was under the age of 18, a car was not something I even considered. I just thought my parents would always have one. Now I give my children the opportunity to think about things and the responsibility that goes along with it. I have watched the first 6 of my children receive their learner’s permit and license before the age of 18 and I am all for it. Although, rules and regulations have changed over the years, it is still something the children can and should have. It is a privilege and if the privilege is abused or misused it should be revoked, regardless of the circumstance. Driving is a serious ordeal and a child should know this among so many other things before ever taking on this feat. I go so far as work my children nerves when teaching them to drive, so they will be better able to deal with road rage and thus far, they have done very well, although, there were some time, I put them out on the prayers of God, and believed him for the victory. They are all good drivers and I am proud.