Teenage Pregnancy

Jessica Harrison
Casual Analysis
November 6, 2010

“Protection Is The Way To Go!”

Teen Pregnancy has been a problem when it comes to children in the United States.   The causes of teen pregnancy have come to a conclusion; the parents are not watching their children. The more independence kids get, the more they think they can do what they please. Becoming pregnant at such a young age causes more maturity, and responsibilities, along the way.   The United States is the highest rate of teen births. These births cost over $7 billion dollars in the US. In the 1990’s it states that the rates have decreased since then because they’re teaching children more about safe sex and how to prevent this issue.
In today’s society more and more young teenagers are not getting the certain tips and talks of what they need to prevent pregnancy.   The teens are not getting help from their parents because the parents are talking to their children less. Also teens are seeing sexual violence and videos on television which is causing the teens to think it is alright to have sex because of what is shown in the public’s eye. Teens also do not understand the protection to use to prevent pregnancy. Condoms are not being used when needed because some teens do not understand what to do with them. Teenagers do not know how to properly use the condoms and pills, but some choose to have the protection but not use it. This leads to consequences and more maturity and responsibilities. They have to wake up, realize the reality, and take responsibilities for their actions.
Teens that become pregnant have a higher chance of not being able to graduate from High School or attend College. Between 1991 and 2005 teen pregnancy was at its highest due to not enough education about sex. Starting off in 2005, the rate was at its lowest in 30 years. As 2006 came along the rate had increased with a rising of 3% in a decade. Teenagers younger than 20 years old in 750,000...