Teen Sucide

The Scary Truth About Teen Suicide

The research study that I chose to analyze is about teen suicide along with reasoning behind it and prevention. This was a case study that involved three specific individuals with different outcomes: Anna Smith (16), Rebecca Cuba, and Abby Oakley (19). Anna Smith was only 16 when she broke into the gun cabinet and decided to take her life. Although her sudden death came as a shock to everyone around her because no one noticed any signs; psychiatrist such as Herbert Mendell claim that even though suicide can be impulsive decision it is usually a years build up of low self esteem or feeling helpless and hopeless. In case of Rebecca Cuba, she attempted to take her life by swallowing number of pills only to be discovered by her brother Blake who alerted her parents and she was rushed to the hospital. Luckily Rebecca did not die, but her decision to attempt to take her life was result of gradual build up stress and rejection. In high school Rebecca was a star athlete of multiple sports but her her decision to befriend peers who were seen as unpopular did not go overly well with her popular friends and quickly Rebecca began to be made fun of a well as rejected. Rebecca's problems did not end there at home her family was going to financial problems due to her fathers loss of job. She had no other choice but to take up a job in order to help out financially, but it was the drowning of her her close friend that really started the suicidal thoughts, thinking that her family would be better of without her.

Even though not much is known about why Anna decided to take her life but we can defiantly be sure that just like in case   of Rebecca, many of teen problems are seen as hysterical and their calls out for help to go unnoticed. Research also suggests that victim’s loved ones which are referred to as survivors of suicide are at high risk of suicide themselves. This is what brought the third case to the to the eyes of researchers,...