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One Week Exercise Regimen
Health Science 121 Fundamentals of Healthful Living
Exercise Regimen
The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to demonstrate the application of the basic principles of physical fitness in the development of your own personal exercise plan.   It is highly suggested that you use the One Week Exercise Regimen Worksheet as a guideline for developing your paper. Before you begin writing, you should assess your current fitness level by looking at all 5 areas of physical fitness (CV endurance, muscle endurance, muscle strength, flexibility and body composition) and then strive to develop a physical fitness plan that will improve upon your current fitness level. Even though your comprehensive fitness plan will include activities that would support all 5 areas, you may want to place more emphasis on some areas more than other areas. For example, you may want to emphasize cardiovascular endurance in your plan and formulate a goal and develop a part of your fitness plan related to this aerobic measure. Or, you could consider whether your body composition is in need of some improvement by looking at your BMI and deciding if this area would benefit from some additional work. Perhaps, your flexibility is not as good as you would like it to be and you want to work on a goal/fitness plan related to this component. Remember, you are creating a plan...something you would implement in the future. If you have a health condition that is temporarily prohibiting you from exercising (i.e. sports injury, pregnancy), please develop your plan according to the guidelines given in this assignment, making it as realistic as possible.
Part I   -Formulate 3 fitness goals (based upon your assessment) that are realistic & measurable. You must also set a target date for each goal. For example, you may want to set a goal that speaks to doing a specific type of aerobic activity at a certain % of your target heart rate zone by a specified date or being able to...