Technology: Silent Movies

      In the film industry, technology is what makes the movies come to life.   The sound track of the movie is very important; it brings meaning to what the actors are doing. Most of the sound in the movie is shot after the movie is done filming. It’s recorded after because to have music created on the set is too difficult, and the microphone in the studio gets rid of any unwanted sound. When the sound is finished recording the actors come back into the studio to mix the dialogue in with the sound track. Technicians also add special recordings of sound effects or brief snippits of sound.
      Mixing the sound is when technicians bring the dialogue and music and mix them together. The mixing process uses many technicians such as: a dialogue mixer- -, sound effect mixer- -, and a music mixer- -. They all work together to adjust the relative sound and quantity.
      Cameras have been creating the image of movies forever, but it wasn’t easy at first. To create a smooth moving image the camera must take 16 photographs per second. The very first movie camera failed, the picture was jerky, uneven, and was un-able to take 16 photographs per second. Inventor Louis Le Prince cured this problem. He cut the frames-by hand-and re-assembled   them with an equal amount of spacing; but his technique was only   for a movie lasting a few minutes. In 1889 Thomas Edison and his assistant, William Dickson, perfected the first working camera. To show their achievement they made a short film, and amazed everyone who saw it.
      The camera uses many different motions to make it work.   The camera takes many pictures per second. How a camera takes a picture is the lens focuses on an image with the use of light. The camera works with a stop start motion to take pictures. For the film to be projected onto a screen, a rotating half disk-which acts as a shutter- swings open to let the light reach the film and projects it on a screen.   This process is repeated...