Technology and Its Effect on People

Our world is overrun by technology and lack of personal, social interactions. In today's society, kids are raised in front of screens and grow up knowing nothing more while the older generations were raised outdoors and through experiences. In this assignment to forgo all forms of social media and TV, I was able to disconnect from school and work and friends. It was relaxing! I began my 24 hours of abstains from medias at 8PM in order to finish a few assignments with friends before separation. At first it was very difficult because out of habit I wanted to check my phone for text messages every 10 or 20 minutes. On a regular basis I carry my phone everywhere to avoid missed calls or texts. I went through a period of time around 11PM where I was itching to check my phone because I usually fall asleep texting people or scrolling through Facebook. The next morning I ended up deciding to leave my phone at home which was such a relief. I enjoyed the feeling of freedom that the "I didn't have my phone on me" excuse was able to offer. When I got home that evening I felt free from the ties of social stresses and all else that comes with technology.
I would like to stress the importance of diverting from social medias every now and then. If we are always tied to technologies, we cannot find our inner peace or God. God speaks to us through our thoughts and actions which are distorted when we are constantly bombarded by emails, texts, and notifications. I throughly enjoyed this task of abstaining from my phone and all else because it made my life less stressful. Although it was difficult at first, it was well worth it. I would do it again soon.