Techniques for Visual Text

“Composers of visual texts will use a range of techniques to communicate with their audience.”

In the advertisement that I have chosen, the perspective of women being bold, charming and adventurous, and the perspective of men being dynamic, romantic and adventurous is communicated through the use of images and the bold language.
The image of the red apple she is holding, draws the attention of the reader that both men and women will be able to enjoy the strong aroma of the crisp apple, mixed in with the variety of scents, the end result is a scent everyone seems to love. This exotic and striking fragrance surrounds the crisp apple, which is a tantalizing red fruits plays on the male and female’s emotion, to capture the heart of a passionate relationship.
The colour red, of the bold writing “Red Delicious” and the red apple, insinuates, a hot and passionate relationship, which the audience can also have, if you buy the fragrance, reinforced by the closeness of the young man and woman.
The image of the man and the female, riding on the motor bike, the casual clothes they are wearing suggest they are young, care-free, modern and want to experience new, flirtatious adventures.
The words “a new temptation in fragrance for men and women” have a persuasive influence on the audience because the symbolism of the apple is luscious and irresistible, and thus, by buying red delicious, you also will be luscious and irresistible to the opposite sex.
The image of the perfume bottle, is a modern design, with a red base colour, is dynamic, eye catching, is the essence of a passionate relationship in a bottle. The bottle being the shape of the apple is also a symbol of New York City which is in the background tells us that the fragrance draws its inspiration from New York and all the excitement it has to offer.   It is a large city where anything can happen and if you are game enough to go out and try new things in a large city which has so much to offer (including the...