Date Inferential Statistics and Findings


                                                                  QNT 561

Michael DuPlessis


    During our week 2 business research we did our study on football concussions and if concussions have an effect on a decline in pop Warner football. Football has been around for a long time and is a multibillion sport and the most popular in America. Concussions have come to the forefront and the NFL will need to make adjustments. Peewee football participation has decreased and some positions are more prone to concussions then others.

    One of our hypothesis is NFL will have to adapt new rules and produce higher quality safety equipment to prevent an l decrease in the participation rates among youths. Our research question to answer this is that the NFL has made rule changes to this and will make more in the future.   Will determines if concussions have decreased over the last 10years. Second the   variable will use   are theirs certain positions who are more prone   for concussion and they   were cornerback, safety, wide receiver, well see if the concussions have decreased for these potions’. There’s been several rule changes and we’ll see if this has slowed down concussions as well as the new protocol for concussions established by the NFL. These new rule changes have been to Lessing head impacts, such as no longer can a defensive player hit a player head high ., this rule suppose to help the secondary players on defense and the wide receiver who are defenseless in the open field..College football calls it targeting. The kick off has been eliminated in peewee football this play , players are running at full speed and have about 20 yards to build up that speed and to collide into other players. Concussion for 2012 were 212 , 2013 were   150 and for 2013 it was 135 the rule changes have been helping and...