Team Paper

The Benefits of a Team Charter
      University of Phoenix
      Management 521
      August 1, 2009

      The Benefits of a Team Charter
      In today’s society, working within a team environment is essential in the business world.   It can be challenging at times, because different individuals with different personalities.   Each person needs to work with each other effectively to complete the task at hand.   I have worked within a team structure my entire life, but working with my learning team for this assignment was new to me.   Every person on my team has strengths and weaknesses.   Coming together to make sure that everyone’s individual talent is being used to benefit the team as a whole is vital.   Having some sort of structure to the way we accomplish our short and long term goals is very important.   The team charter that we completed has served as our blueprint to successfully work with one another.
      In the past I have always had the luxury of physically seeing the individuals I was working with.   This time around, I am not able to see them due to everyone living in different parts of the country.     In order for us to be successful, we need to have strong communication.   We have to rely on our online forums to accomplish all the goals that we have for our team.   The use of chat rooms and emails is our primary resources for communication.   If need be, using the telephone is always an option.   The team still has to come together and brainstorm in order to create new ideas for implementation.   While working with a team, quite a few obstacles that can hinder us.   The fact that everyone lives in different parts of the country can be a major set back.   This means that we have to deal with the different time zones.   That can be a challenge for our group, because everyone has to work his or her normal full time jobs.   We all have family obligations that need to be taken care of.   That is why having faith in others to complete their part of the project...