Lo 1.1
Children‘s Development: Birth to 9 months
Social Development
  Will cry to communicate
  Will warmly respond to mostly family member
  Will respond to their name
  Will make talk   by cooing , gurgling and chucking
Physical Development
  Will sleep most of the time and grow fast
  Start to kick legs, wave arms, roll over
  Will start to   crawl, stand and walk with support around the house, holding on to furniture
  Will hold an object in one hand and would be able to transfer to the other hand and would mean to drop object down
Communication Development
  Will recognise familiar voices and   respond to smiles
  More aware of the surroundings and people around him/her
  Will be more aware of sounds and move in his/her body to see where the sound came from
  Will join in games like peek a boo
  Saying few words like daa, maa and baaba and shout to get   attention

Children‘s Development: 10 months to 2 year old
Social Development
  Will listen to simple instructions
  Able to communicate a lot better
  Copying others action
  Wants own way   like Saying “no”

Physical Development
  Will be very active, walking, crawling and walking up the stairs
  Point to things using finger
  Feed self , Fine motor skills
  Good walking balance
  Getting potty trained

Communication Development
  Say first really word(s)
  Will use gestures
  Will ask question   and use short sentence, like I play
  Have a vocabulary of 200 words
Children‘s Development: 3 to 5 years
Social Development
  Enjoy playing with others
  Will want to please and get approval from adults
  May get angry with others
  More independent eg dressing them self, using the toilet and   confident in own abilities

Physical Development
  Comes down the stair one at time
  Kick a ball, can jump
  Can undress with little help
  Able to run well
  Fine motor skills improve
Communication Development
  Asks a lot...

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