1) Thoughts and Feelings
As a person in the medical profession I would greatly encourage this couple to proceed with a therapeutic abortion.   I see no positives in giving life to a baby with Tay-Sachs.

My feelings are based primarily on the fatal prognosis of the unborn.   A life of Tay-Sachs will torture the child, who will slowly and painfully deteriorate and die for four or five years.

Giving birth to a Tay-Sachs baby can also devastate the parents.   Their relationship is likely to suffer.   Guilt may eat at them.   The burden of caring for a dying infant may overwhelm a normal relationship. The medical expense may bankrupt the couple's economy.   One parent may have to quit their job in order to take care of the great medical needs of this baby. Support groups and religious groups can only help to a point. They can not be there at all times when the parents are burned out, overwhelmed, and tired of the endless medical and physical care of a being they can not communicate with and that day after day appears in worse health.   I can not imagine how devastating it would be seeing a healthy baby deteriorate, suffer and slowly die a painful death. The feeling of powerlessness must be inmmense.

It is my personal opinion that terminating the pregnancy is the only choice.

2. Advocating for the Couple's Decision (whether or not I agree)

3. Ethical and Legal Considerations
Is it ethical to bring to the world a baby to die a painful dead during the first years of his life? Some religious leaders say Tay Sachs disease is a sufficient reason for abort the fetus in the first three months   of the pregnancy; other say that the physical and mental pain of having such a child   would be reason enough for abortion even during the very late stage of the embryo.
People who decide to continue their pregnancy to full term of a Tay-Sachs baby have deep religious convictions that keeps them from “committing murder” of a human being....