Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to allow performance enhancing drugs for athletes coming out of an injury.
Attention getter
A. how many of you plays sports or know someone that does? As well how many of you know of someone who can’t play anymore due to an injury? As well know someone that takes performance enhancing drugs?
B. Under the NCAA and professional leagues it is illegal for an athlete to use performance enhancing drugs to perform better. Testing started in 1986 where athletes started misusing these drugs.
c. Today I am going to tell you guys some of the problems that come with not allowing athletes the use of performance enhancing drugs, the way things would go if we can change that rule and the way we can go about changing the rule.
        Transition: Let me start of by
II. Describe the need
A. When it comes to playing sports it’s all fun and games till unfortunately you get a major injury. Most related injury is the ACl, according to an article from NBC doctors from north Texas has reported that ACL injuries have bumped up 400% since the 2001 which clarifies all the young athletes that we have today. Young athletes start a young age and work their way up through high school onto college and if lucky enough all the way to the pros. So imagine all that hard training and physical contact they take. Most athletes go through physical therapy after surgery trying to recover and get back to playing. Still most their body doesn’t come back 100% and makes their comeback seem unrealistic. PHD helps the body get back to where it started and that extra boost of confidence that you can return to playing sports and for an athlete that is huge!
B. If this rule is not changed then a lot of athletes especially the ones we looked up to won’t be able to get their career back. Imagine being in their shoes and the only way for a comeback is taking the performance enhancing drugs, how would you feel? Most of these athletes don’t have a...