This assignment must be done in groups of two (the corresponding teacher will choose the groups members during the tutorials) and has to fulfil the following conditions:

- Length: between 8 and 10 pages (without including cover, index or appendices –if there are any-).
- Type of font: Arial or Times New Roman.
- Size: 11.
- Line height: 1.5.
- Alignment: Justified.

If for some reason you cannot do the assignment in pairs, you will have to do it individually (you need your teacher’s consent first to do so). The individual assignment must have a length between 8 and 10 pages approximately (without including cover, index or appendix –if there is any-).

The assignment has to be done in this Word document and has to fulfil the rules of presentation and edition, as for quotes and bibliographical references which are detailed in the Study Guide.

Also, it has to be submitted following the procedure specified in the Study Guide. Sending it to the tutor’s e-mail is not permitted. Both members of the group have to send the assignment.

In addition to this, it is very important to read the assessment criteria, which can be found in the Study Guide.

The assignment mark is 100% of the final mark, but the participation in the activities performed during the tutorials can improve this mark.


Look at the project from It’s Magazine available in the Assignment materials section (at the same place where you can find this paper): Material 1.
  a. Analyse this project according to the criteria laid down by Ribé and Vidal, Fied-Booth and Legutke and Thomas for project work.
  b. How would you need to adapt this project for use with a group of learners with which you are familiar? (You need to clearly specify the teaching context, and rationale for the adaptations you would make, as well as specifying the adaptations themselves)....