Task 5

Assessment task5

Before you started activities indoor or outdoor you need to take into account the safety of all children and staff, ensuring that the environment is safe for the children and staff to play without any hazards. Some of the factors which need to taking into account when planning activities to ensure that the environment is healthy and safe are: -Ratio of staff to children to ensure that the activities in and out door is safe and that there is enough staff watching and helping children. -Children’s health needs to ensure that you are setting up activities to suit everyone needs and making sure that you take into account if you need extra staff for someone needs. - Risk assessment to be done before activities to look out for safety of all children and staff to make sure there are equipment is safe for children and that the will not come to any harm. Indoor

When you are planning for a healthy and safe indoor environment firstly you will need to make sure a room checks has been done and there is no hazard noticed in morning and to organise the room to make safety effectively, by ensuring there is enough space for the number of children to move around easily and be comfortable. There should be natural light with in the room to ensure the children work without being uncomfortable. If this is not possible that light sources should be used to help the children feel comfortable. The level of noises should be at a level so you don’t need to shout and the person you are communicating with can hear you. You need to take into account the needs of anyone with a disability such as physical disability, sensory impairment you will need to set out activities to suit their needs as well. All activities should be set up safety so there is not a hazard.
Outdoors: when planning for healthy outdoor activities you will need to make sure that the garden check has been done and that you have another check before setting up activities. You will need to make sure that you...