Task 1.1

MU 2.9   Task 1
1.1 Explain why working in partnership with others is important for children young people.
Partnerships help children and young people to interact with others to achieve a common goal to mutual benefit. It helps to forget and understand   how others work   and good common human interaction possibly reducing selfishness, creating leadership skills and teamwork.
In addition children can make   positive contributions and enjoy their time in the setting which helps the child to learn in a proper way. Also reach their full potential and feel   confident   safe, happy and learn well .
Also it is important for young people to benefit the child providing effective care. Furthermore, improve communication about the child by all   those involved to consider the child holistically and   meet the child's need giving them a good start .
The adults could be parents, carers, colleagues, professionals or multi-disciplinary teams. They need to communicate, exchange information, share their knowledge and experience and understand each other’s roles. If you work well as a team in your setting then you will enjoy your work more and work more effectively meaning children will benefit. If this applies to everyone it can also have a positive impact on children’s health, development, learning and relationship building.
Working in partnership also highlights the importance of creating effective relationships through your work and respecting the expertise of those around you. Working in partnership gives children and young people the best possible start, ensures that everyone working together communicates necessarily about the child, means that specialist advice can be given when needed, provides support to the whole family and will encourage everyone supporting children and young people to think about the whole child.