The benefits of paying less for goods do not make sweatshops morally justifiable. One the reasons is companies driven to find the lowest cost to manufacture products. In doing so, they sub contract their manufacturing process to third world country factories to do the dirty work for them.   Companies like Nike and Gap can sub contract their production to local factories in third world countries so they can keep their distant from any blames and problems that may happen in the production process.   Also, sun contraction can also release them from being responsible from any accidents and lawsuits from third world countries. It’s true that consumers in developed countries can pay less for products but it’s not morally justifiable when these cheap products are making by exploiting workers in other countries.   It’s a good idea to manufacture good in cheap labor counties if both the investor and local manufacture work together to make a good working environment.   But the true of the matter is that the investors from developed counties knowing that local manufactures exploits local employees to get the contract from the investor and make quota.   There is nothing wrong if the investor sub contracted the manufacture to produce goods because of lower labor.   It’s the core of capitalism and it also benefits the local economy as well.   But greed is stronger than the morality of the investors and manufactures, therefore, they both try to cut corners and make more money by exploiting their workers.