Svq Unit 9d1

Matthew James McDonough
Unit 9D1
Ref: Element 3 PC d) KN 3, 4, 5
Task 7
Standardisation of Assessment

I am going to write a report explaining how I contribute to the quality of competence assessment.
To ensure the process is comfortable and a fair process I am looking at the special requirements for the candidate, do they have any learning difficulties, language, disabilities, religion (Ramadan) etc. I have to ensure there is a positive experience as to ensure there is ‘no fear’ for the candidate, I do not wish for the outcome of the result to be effected. Promoting to the candidate about the confidentiality of the process, enabling them to gain confidence in the process and supply all the information/ evidence in a confident and calm mannor.   Demonstrating a positive behavior in the work place inline with assessment standards, ensuring other assessors adopt the same principles, thus creating the comfortable theme for assessment processes.
The Correct standard is identified for the candidate and their line of work inline with their job description, we want to ensure we can assess knowledge and skill.
Review and update standards by completing standardization meetings, reviewing standards that are going to be used inline with an assessment process for a delegate, ensuring the policies and procedures surrounding the assessment process are also updated and inline with the standards.
I take part in standardization meetings with assessor and verifiers to ensure we are all inline with the standards and we use the correct standards and identify that they are up to date. The meetings give me confidence through communications with others to ensure I am producing assessments to the correct standard and offer support knowing that there are other assessors in similar positions to me. Through the meetings and times of checking standards I am actually developing myself professionally through continual professional development. The meetings give the opportunity to...