Svq 3 Reflect and Develop My Practice

Reflect   and   develop   your   practice   .
I   first started   with the mungo foundation 13 years ago   as a relief worker this however was not my first role within the care sector. I had previously worked within the addictions service and the young homeless. Early teachings within my family of catholicism installed good   values within my life   I E to   see individuals holistically and to treat   all individuals with respect and dignity. Before gaining   employment within the mungo foundation   I had also worked within the armed forces as a military   police officer and   had never worked   or spent any   time with individuals who had learning   difficulties.   And new nothing of there life styles however I quickly learned through   communication by listening and respecting each individual   that they where not much different from other individuals in my life they treated me with respect and dignity and I treated them likewise. It took time to build relationships with some of the individuals but in time gained there trust   through mutual respect and through working with each individual they also tought me the values I believed in. watching and listening to each individual and listening to them interacting   with each other and by understanding   and chatting with them it was very clear they also had the same values as myself in life and also wanted to be treated with respect and dignity and treated as individuals and to be given and allowed   choices in there life whether they be the right choices or not in life. And had the right to make those choices for themselves .
On gaining employment with the mungo foundation I was inducted   by the company and had explained tome there core values within the care field and through my own beliefs knew what would be expected of me within my roll as a support worker but still new I had a lot to learn within the learning difficulties sector. However I new through the mungo foundation   company   structures this would be achieved through their...